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Cherokee Electric Cooperative was organized in 1937 and has existed to serve our members ever since.  Our service area has more than 2,593 miles of lines that bring safe and dependable electric power to more than 25,000 meters.  We provide services in Calhoun, Cherokee, DeKalb, Etowah, and Marshall counties.  Click the tabs below to view our key staff members as well as our board of directors and the districts they represent.

Member Information

Reporting a Power Outage2021-12-16T12:51:37-05:00

If you are a Cherokee Electric Cooperative member and you experience a power outage, please notify us by telephone so we can make every effort to restore your service as soon as possible. Landline telephones are not normally affected by power outages. Keep in mind that depending on the size of the affected area there could be dozens or even hundreds of members trying to call. Our service department needs to know the full extent of the outage.

You may call Cherokee Electric Cooperative’s service department at 800-952-2667 or 256-927-5524.

Please be prepared to provide the account number, name and phone number associated with your account. Your meter number would also help us identify your location.

View Current Outages Here

What Is My Deposit Amount and How Long Until I Get Power?2018-09-17T13:29:19-05:00

The residential deposit amount (either $150 or $300) is based on your credit. Once you complete your membership application, we will run a credit report to determine the deposit amount. Once the membership fee ($5), deposit, and service connection fee ($35) are paid, your power will be connected in 1 to 3 business days.

What Are Your Office Hours?2021-12-16T12:48:37-05:00

We are open Monday – Friday from 7:30 am – 4:15 pm in Centre, AL (lobby and drive-thru)


What Are Your Service Fees?2024-03-01T12:15:58-05:00

Membership Fee – $5.00 This fee is required prior to the time service is supplied to the consumer, and is not transferable. Upon termination of service, the membership fee may be applied against any unpaid bills of the consumer. Any remaining balance will be returned to the consumer.

Consumer (Security) Deposit This fee is required prior to the time service is supplied to the consumer, and is not transferable. Upon termination of service, the security deposit may be applied against any unpaid bills of the consumer. Any remaining balance will be returned to the consumer.

Residential: Minimum of $150.00
Commercial: Minimum of $300.00 or estimated 2 month’s usage (whichever is greater).
Industrial: Determined by contract.

Non-Refundable Charges
Connect Fee: $35.00
Seasonal Reconnect Fee: $100.00
Transfer Fee: $35.00
Returned Check Fee $30.00
Meter Test: $25.00 (if meter is accurate within +/- 2%)
Service Charge/Administrative Fee: $35.00
Late Payment Penalty: 5% of bill for the first $5,000, then 1% thereafter.
Outage calls that are determined to be an issue on the consumer side will result in a fee: $30 between 7:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. Monday-Friday, all other times $50.00

Past Due Collection Fee
Past Due Collection Fee: $35
No Reconnects after 3:30 pm Monday-Friday or on weekends.

Temporary Electric Service
Pole Rental: $30.00 per month plus kWh usage.
Carnivals, Tent Revivals, or similar: Fee will be determined per event.
Underground Service: Call our office for information.
To change existing overhead service: Total cost of construction.

Yard Lights
Installation: $90 fee plus $500 if pole is required.
Turn on Existing: $25.00 (*no charge if turned on at meter install Commercial – Same as above plus any “make-ready” cost)
Monthly fee: Determined by type of light

Cut Seal/Meter Tampering/Theft of Service
Unauthorized cut seal: $150.00
Tampering Investigation Fee: $500.00
Tampering will increase the security deposit to: $400
*Meter Tampering kWh usage will be estimated by CEC.

Call Before You Dig2018-09-26T07:24:20-05:00

Before you dig on or near your property, call Cherokee Electric Cooperative to locate any underground lines. Whether you are digging for a flower bed, a fence post or a swimming pool, find out if there are electric lines (or any other utilities, for that matter) buried in the area. Digging into an underground power line could not only disrupt electrical service for you and nearby homes, but it could also deliver a lethal shock!  For more information, click below to visit the Alabama 811 website.

Onsite Generation Procedure (Solar, Wind, etc.)2023-07-06T14:07:34-05:00

Prior to the purchase of any onsite generation, all equipment must be evaluated and approved for interconnection to Cherokee Electric Cooperative’s (CEC) electrical distribution system for parallel operation. Procedures and standards have been established to assure that the generation equipment does not cause significant degradation of the safety, power quality, or reliability of CEC’s electrical distribution system.  CEC requires a completed application, evaluation, and engineering approval prior to the purchase or installation of distributed generation equipment. 

Bank Draft and Payments Options2023-08-08T14:06:47-05:00
Do You Offer Outdoor Lighting?2018-09-17T15:32:12-05:00

Cherokee Elective Cooperative offers the safety and convenience of Outdoor Lighting to its members. A monthly fee is required. This service provides all-night outdoor lighting service using standard overhead equipment mounted on wood poles.

Lamps will burn approximately one-half hour after sunset until approximately one-half hour before sunrise. Cherokee Electric Cooperative will replace burned out lamps and otherwise maintain the yard light during regular working hours when notified by the member.

Other kinds of lighting options may be available, along with various size options. An engineer will be glad to assist you in the appropriate lighting option for your residence or business.

For more information, or to apply for outdoor lighting, please call our Customer Service Center.

Is Doxo an authorized payment method?2024-03-01T11:33:24-05:00

Doxo.com is an online bill pay service that may appear to be affiliated with Cherokee Electric but they are not.  Doxo.com is a 3rd-party website that allows people to pay their bills online.  As part of their service, they mail a check to the payee on your behalf.   As a separate bill pay service, Cherokee Electric has no control over fees charged for their services and Cherokee Electric cannot control when we receive the member payment from doxo.com, possibly resulting in a late payment from the member or even disconnection due to non-payment.  To make sure you’re paying Cherokee Electric directly, please visit our website at www.Cherokee.coop and we encourage you to use our online bill pay option.  With our online Bill Pay at www.Cherokee.coop your payment is directly applied to your account and the service is free!



Be Safe2022-04-22T08:33:07-05:00
How Do I Pay My Bill Online?2018-09-18T07:17:14-05:00

Cherokee Electric offers our members the ability to pay their bill online by clicking the Bill Pay button on the top right of this website or click the Bill Pay button below.  With Online Bill Pay you will be able to view and pay your bill.

Note: If you are making a payment after the due date on your bill, additional fees may apply.

Prior to creating an online bill pay account, you must:

  1. Have an updated email address on file with Cherokee Electric
  2. Have an updated phone number associated with your electric bill
  3. Create a username and password

Call Cherokee Electric today to update your information, get your online bill pay account set up, or sign up for E-Bill.

If you are making a payment after the disconnect date on your bill, please contact our office.

How Do I Read My Meter?2018-10-18T09:53:38-05:00

If you know how to read your electric meter, you can learn how much you’re spending on electricity.  The electricity you use is measured in kilowatt-hours. For example, a 100-watt light bulb burning for 10 hours uses one kilowatt-hour (kWh). Your electric meter records how many kilowatt-hours you home uses. Once you know that number, you can subtract the meter reading on your last month’s electric bill from the number you obtain off the meter to figure out how much electricity – in kilowatt-hours – you’ve used since that bill.

Cherokee Electric Cooperative uses dial meters on its system. Reading a dial meter involves looking at five dials. The dials, similar to a watch face, are numbered 0 through 9 with the 0 at the top.  Reading a dial meter involves looking at the five dials similar to the image below.

The hands on the face of the dials move in the same direction as the numbers, low to high. To read the meter, you simply write down the number that each hand has just passed, beginning with the dial on the left and going left to right. If a hand is sitting on a number, look at the dial to the right. If that hand has passed zero, write down the number that the left hand is pointing to. If the hand on the right has not passed zero, write down the last number that the left hand passed.

Once you have the number from your meter, you can determine how much electricity you have used by subtracting the reading shown on your last power bill from the number you just read from the meter.


Bank Draft Authorization2021-03-26T08:58:55-05:00

Click to view a .pdf of our Bank Draft Program Authorization Document.




Apply for New Residential Services2018-09-26T07:23:33-05:00

Click below to view our Residential Membership Application.  If you do not come into the office to complete this application, you must have your signature notarized and with a copy of a photo I.D.

Apply for New Commercial/Industrial Service2020-01-08T15:01:54-05:00

Click below to view our Commercial & Industrial Membership Application.  If you do not come into the office to complete this application, you must have your signature notarized and with a copy of a photo I.D.

Apply for Levelized Billing2018-09-26T07:27:55-05:00

Click below to view a .pdf document of our Levelized Billing Application.

E-Bill and Invoice Billing Request Forms2022-11-03T15:45:44-05:00

Click below to view a .pdf document of our E-Bill Request Form or Invoice Billing Form (if member has multiple accounts).

Cycle 64/65 Billing2019-03-15T10:10:40-05:00

If you are 65 years or older and/or on disability/SSI you may request to have your electric bill due date coincide with the date you receive your benefits.  Click below to view a .pdf authorization document.


Rental Property Information Form2018-09-26T07:26:30-05:00
Release for Construction Form2018-09-26T07:25:57-05:00
Easement for Electrical Lines2018-09-26T07:25:34-05:00
Construction Guidelines2022-07-05T12:10:18-05:00
Underground Service Requirements2023-10-18T09:50:39-05:00

Click below to view a .pdf document of our Underground Service Requirements.

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